Flap Out TV Lift


Flap out tv lift uninstalled

The Flap Out TV Lift was designed for rooms that have spectacular views or areas where it’s impossible to place a TV. Fitted into the ceiling the TV is hidden, out of sight and mind, until it is needed.

The Flap Out unit was developed with ceiling cavity in mind. This unit only needs 220mm of cavity in the ceiling, but if your ceiling doesn’t allow for this then a false/dropped ceiling is  an easy and stylish alternative for you.

The almost effortless simple and silent transition from concealment to deployment makes this one of the most popular mechanisms in our product range.

  • the flap out tv lift 60
  • the flap out tv lift 60
  • the flap out tv lift 60
  • flap out tv in the bathroom
  • flap out tv in the bathroom close up
  • flap out tv lift close up


  • Minimal spatial requirements
  • Slim actuated profile
  • Efficient cable management
  • Super silent motor
  • 97 degree flap out
  • Easy limit switch settings
  • Standard universal mounting bracket
  • Crestron/AMX or similar interface
  • RF or IR remote

Lift Length | TV panel width + 300 mm (cavity required)

Lift Width | TV panel height + 250 mm (cavity required)

Lift Depth into the ceiling | 220mm (cavity required)

Maximum TV Panel Weight | 30kg


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